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How to Assist Businesses during the Partial Shutdown

The partial shutdown has affected us all. Many of us, myself included, have seen business postponed for a date in the weeks or months ahead. Work has temporarily slowed to a crawl creating an interesting opportunity. What can I do to stay creatively busy during a time when restaurants have sidelined all budgetary items outside of the absolute essentials? I can offer these establishments pro bono work. As a food and beverage photographer, my clients have been ordered to temporarily close their doors to normal business. Many, including E+O Kitchen and Del Gardo's Cannoli, have quickly adapted to online ordering and carryout service. Below I've shared a few images and the reasons behind why I shot the images the way I did.

E+O Kitchen is currently running carryout and curbside pick-up Wednesday-Saturday. Bringing items from my home, I created images to give the viewer a feel of E+O carryout in their homes.

Maybe customers cannot eat within the walls of your restaurant at this time, but there is no reason they cannot feel like they are.

This shutdown won't last forever; the restaurants will have tables up and running again within the next several weeks. Providing E+O Kitchen with images to mirror the in-house dining experience provides the client with ample imagery to entice customers back through the doors.

Del Gardo Cannoli will be running a Cinco de Mayo special to add to their very successful carryout business. Creating images for this special will assist the business in driving new customers to the shop's online ordering service.

Del Gardo's cannoli options are out of this world. Capturing images of their mainstays will provide much needed social media content, while also freeing up time the staff would normally need to take photos.

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