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Drip That Sauce and Capture Those Flames: In-Motion Food Imagery

The Baker's Table

Cacio e Pepe: house made egg pasta, black. pepper, grana, and pecorino sauce

Photographed for The Baker's Table

Fireproof Columbus Crab Dip: crab, emmentaler cheese, cream cheese, nutmeg, garlic, bread crumbs, Spanish paprika, and Bulleit bourbon

Photographed for Fireproof Columbus


Chef Kevin Ashworth

Sakura Wagyu Farms NY strip with a twice-baked potato and roasted mushroom topped with freshly shaved black truffle

Photographed for the Cincinnati Business Courier


Kentucky Hot Brown Burger: grilled chicken, ham, bacon, lettuce, and tomato topped with Barleycorn's special sauce

Photographed for Barleycorn's

Ivory House

Bouillabaisse with snapper, scallops, mussels, prawn, bouille, potatoes, and fennel relish in a saffron broth

Photographed for the Cincinnati Business Courier

To book a photoshoot, please email or call (513) 379-2104. Based in Cincinnati and I love to travel for shoots. Bon appetit!

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