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Splash It or Drop It, I Am Going to Photograph It

If a cocktail can be splashed, sprinkled, strained, or dripped, I am going to capture this for my clients, In-motion captures are my favorites and below are my six top in-motion cocktail images.

Bourbon Splash

Photographed for Among the Lost, a Cocktail Speakeasy

The Bubble

Photographed for Galla Park Steak

The Last Midnight

Photographed for Comfort Station

The Squash Saga Continues

Photographed for Sundry & Vice

Make It Rain

Photographed for e19

The Born to Raise Hell

Photographed for Comfort Station

Thank you for checking my latest post; make sure to reach out to to schedule your shoot. I am based in Cincinnati and am available to shoot across the globe. And don't forget, always tip your bartender:)

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